The process begins with on-camera interviews of everyone in your family who wishes to participate.  We then gather up all the material to be used in the production:  photos, videos, old film, whatever!  Old photos are scanned and digitally image-corrected, old film and video is digitized and enhanced.  At the end of the process, any pictures not used in the family documentary are provided on a flash drive to the client.

We then edit a documentary-style video ranging from thirty minutes to two hours in duration.


All the videos produced by A Family Film are unique productions.  As such, no one budget will suffice for all our videos.  Budgets are set in accordance with the needs of each production and the requirements of our clients.

If interested in receiving a budget proposal for A Family Film, please call or e-mail to arrange a short consultation.

There is a budget minimum of $3,000.

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